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Small Subsea Pressure Switch

Submersible to 10,000 psi or 20,000 ft ocean depth ambient. Hydraulic system pressure activation. 2 wire system with no transmitter or power requirements. Electric switch assembly is replaceable and the hydraulic section is serviceable. Proven performance with hundreds in service. Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems

Data Sheet
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  1. Pressure Switch, Form A (SPST, N.O.)
  2. Operating Pressure: 0-3,000 PSID
  3. Switching Pressure: 1,000 PSID increasing
  4. Switching Voltage: 500 Volts Max.
  5. Switching Current: 2 Amps Max.
  6. Contact rating: 50 W switching capability, to 500 V
  7. Contact life: 1 x 106 Ops @ 50 V, 1.0 A
    200 x 106 Ops @ 1.0V, 10 mA
  8. Contact bounce: none
  9. Hermetically sealed switch
  10. Underwater Connectors Included
  11. Materials: 316L SS
  12. Body Size: 1.10” dia. x 5.7”long
  13. Weight: 19 oz.
Large Subsea Pressure Switch
Data Sheet


  1. Ambient: to 11,000 ft. ocean depth
  2. Hydraulic Pressure Rating:
    Operating: 0 to 3000psid
    Proof: 4500psi Design Burst: 9000psi
  3. Switch Point: 1500 psid increasing
  4. Dual Ports: 1/4″ NPT – High Pressure;
    1/8″ NPT – Low Pressure
  5. Ambient pressure: to 5,000psi.
  6. Hermetically sealed switch assembly.
  7. Shrouded Dual Electrical Connectors, mate with RMA-FS/A-FLS-D
  8. Switch type: Form A (SPDT, N.O.)
  9. Switch rating: 48VDC, 300MA
  10. Insulation Resistance: 20 Megohms@500VDC
  11. Dimensions: 3.0” dia. x 8.6” long
  12. Stainless steel construction: 316L
  13. Weight: 8.4 lbs.
Depth Switch

Submersible to 10,000 psi or 20,000 ft ocean depth ambient. Activates at shallow depths. Highly Reliable with two internal switches for redundancy. Glass sealed header. Pre-selectable switching pressure. Available normally open or normally closed. This model is supplied with a PBOF adapter (as shown in picture). Optional molded underwater cable and connectors.

Data Sheet


  1. Depth Switch, dual SPDT, 2 Position, Normally Closed
  2. Electrical:
    7.0 amp resistive,
    4.0 amp inductive,
    2.5 amp lamp load,
    28vdc or 115vac, 60hz
  3. Available N.O. or N.C.
  4. Ambient depth pressure: 9,000 psi
  5. Materials: 316 cres steel,
    Glass sealed header