Aerospace Reliability & Deepwater

Technical Bulletin 109B

Solenoid Valves

Direct Benefits:

  1. Aerospace reliability
  2. High resistance to shock
  3. Long service life
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Lightweight and low space utilization
  6. Low power consumption
  7. Bubble-tight internal & zero external leakage
  8. Contamination tolerant
  9. Corrosion resistant internally and externally

Collateral Benefits:

  1. Higher system reliability
  2. Reduce downtime
  3. Reduce “risk of revenue loss”
  4. Smaller / lightweight control systems
  5. Smaller topside handling systems
  6. Smaller electrical cables
  7. Permits use of pulsing
  8. Permits use of batteries (remote power source)
  9. Permits use of redundancy and backup packages

Hydracon has a background history of solenoid valves used subsea, in downhole tools, BOP controls, ballast systems, underwater vehicles:

Used by subsea oil in electrohydraulic controls for direct immersion in small package.
Used in downhole tools for resistance to shock, small size, life, low maintenance, reliability.
Used in underwater vehicles for small, lightweight, zero leakage, reliability.
Used in Defence for small, lightweight, zero leakage, reliability.